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Descriptions of Dental Plan Types

The following four types of dental quotes are available from Click the links after the descriptions to view more detailed information.

DHMO Dental Plans: A dental health maintenance organization or DHMO is a type of “managed care.” With this type of coverage, a network of highly qualified dentists provides comprehensive and affordable care for individuals or families. Consumers choose a dentist from the network, and they pay a low monthly premium to receive services at either no cost or a reduced price (some services may require a copayment). The participating dentists receive fixed monthly fees. Learn more about DHMOs

PPO Dental Insurance Plans: Another type of managed care plan is called a preferred provider organization (PPO). Consumers with PPOs select a dentist from a network of preferred dental providers who have agreed to provide dental care to members at reduced rates. PPO dental plan participants are made aware of their annual maximums.. Learn more about PPOs

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans: A dental indemnity plan, also known as “traditional” insurance, allows consumers to choose from the largest pool of dentists. Individuals with this type of dental insurance are free to visit any dentist, unlike those with managed care plans. Subscribers pay their dentist’s bill in full and then submit a claim for reimbursement to the carrier. Learn more about indemnity plans

Discount Dental Plans: Discount dental plans (DDPs) or “discount dental cards” are not insurance. However, they help consumers save on dental care costs. Members make monthly or annual payments and may receive unlimited dental care services at discount prices based on a fee schedule. Services are provided by dentists who participate in the plan’s dental network. Learn more about discount dental plans

(*Discount plans are not insurance and are not intended to replace health insurance.)

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It is generally recognized by healthcare practitioners that oral health plays an important role in overall health. However, like general health care, the costs of dental care can be expensive. Dental care can be as simple as a twice-yearly checkup, or it may involve oral surgery, getting a full set of dentures, or needing a crown, any of which can be quite costly. On the other hand, dental insurance products for individuals and families are generally low enough in cost to be very affordable. In addition, most insurance plans pay 100% for check-ups every 6 months, so those who purchase it begin to benefit right away.

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